Friday, 7 December 2012

Small haul from Urbantouch

Hey lovelies! :)
I have a partial obsession towards rings right now.. and not just any kind of rings, the big cocktail kinds! They make for a great fashion statement and look amazing when teamed with a nice collection of bangles and bracelets on the wrist. I have shopped from Urbantouch before and I am very pleased with their delivery, variety and everything else! It is the only website that I find many accessories that are of my type. And recently, I've had my eyes set on 2 rings and I just had to buy them. I also picked up an eyelash curler because I have never used one before nor do I own any (I have naturally curled eyelashes *touchwood*) but I've always wanted to try them out so purchased it. I placed my order on the 4th and received it today afternoon. Hats off to them for a speedy delivery. Also, another star for them as it instantly brightened up my terrible day <3
Things I ordered for:
- India Vogue Stone Studded Designer Ring (Rs.220)
- Styonal Pink Ring (Rs.250)
- Vega Eyelash Curler (Rs.80)
I must add that I love almost all products by Styonal. They are so pretty! <3 No wonder I just had to pick up the ring :D. Anyway, here are the pictures! :)

I will never stop admiring their box. So classy!

It came with layers of thermocol to safely protect my products. Yay!
Also, the rings were put in another smaller box (I get another box to store things in now :D)

The 3 products I purchased

The Vega eyelash curler.. I must admit I find its look a bit scary as I have no experience with this :D

The Styonal ring. Love the design and colour!

The Indian Vogue ring was safely put in another cover. Love the care they take to ensure that no product gets damaged.

I'm in love with the ring! It's so ethnic and pretty! <3

So that is my tiny haul adding to my ring collection :)
Have you shopped from Urbantouch before? Do you like it? :)


  1. I'm such a little mouse when it comes to online shopping. I'm frightened of it! The only things I shop for online are books. :D

    1. Haha :D
      I'm still frightened to but clothes online but accessories and make up are alright :) You should give it a try once.. Its not that bad :) Urbantouch is a good one to start with since they're reputable :)

  2. i love urbantouch for there pretty boxes... :D
    btw even i'm scared to use the eye lash curler..... :P

    1. I know they're so cute and handy! :)
      Hehe yay I have company :D

  3. Loved your haul Neha, especially the rings.:)


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