Friday, 14 December 2012

Garnier Body Cocoon Lotion Review

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My current obsession is creams and lotions. I have way too many of them and decided to follow a new rule - buy a new lotion/cream only when one gets over. More like a replacement rule. So my Forest Essentials lotion just finished so i rushed out to Health And Glow to buy a replacement for it. I initially planned on buying an Aroma Magic one but didn't like any of the ones that they had. I had heard a lot about Garnier's Body Cocoon lotion so decided to pick it up. The lotion has been in the market for quite a while but I have had my eyes set on many other lotions so this one took a back seat. Well, until now.
The bottle is 125ML and is priced Rs.115 but it was on discount so purchased it at Rs.100.

The bottle packaging is cute with a bright orange (reminds me of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!) and comes in a tube packaging. Squeezing out the cream is pretty easy and the bottle is very travel friendly. It is sturdy as well.

The consistency of the lotion is slightly runny, which is very unexpected. The thickness reminds me of shaving cream or whipped cream at first sight, but when you use it it is not at all the way it seems. It is very easy to apply since it is not that thick. The absorbing power of this lotion is amazing, it absorbs in well within a minute and it leaves my skin soft like it is protected in a cocoon (I know, that's the point of the name but still :P). The lotion does not make my skin feel greasy at all. In fact, it feels soft and hydrated. The staying power is for about 4-5 hours but the fragrance dies almost immediately (within an hour or so).

The fragrance is something I am slightly disappointed in as I do not like mild ones that much. It is a slightly mild fruity fragrance and not at all over powering. I have not used it on my face so I cannot comment about how it would work and if it causes any breakouts. A turn-off about this product would be that it contains parabens.  I would not recommend this to people with extremely dry skin as I feel it does not moisturize enough for that skin type.

- Reasonably priced
- Smell is mild and nice
- Attractive packaging
- Moisturizes well

- Staying power is not that good
- Personally, I would have preferred a stronger scent to the lotion
- Will not help those with very dry skin
- Contains parabens

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay for those with normal skin and interested in trying different lotions. Nay for those with dry skin. Might not do very well during harsh winters as well.

Overall Rating:


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