Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My January Vellvette box :)

Hello everyone!
I received my January Vellvette box today morning.. It is the last of my 3 month subscription. The box is cutely tied with a golden ribbon. My box was torn on the sides again. I'm sure they send the box in good condition but it gets messed up during the journey to my house :(. Anyway the products are safe so it's alright.
I got:
-Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Scrub
-Bath & Body Works body lotion in Country Chic
- Clinique Clarifying Lotion - 2

I'm not a fan of chocolate (I know what you're thinking- is that even possible?! But it is. It really is). But i like scrubs so I don't mind smelling delicious :D. I love BBW products so I'm glad I got this one. It smells great! I've never used a clarifying lotion so it's great I get to try something new. I'm not that happy with my box this time so I think I will skip subscribing for next month. I think. Ok here are the pictures:

Monday, 28 January 2013

Colorbar I-glide Eyepencil in Amethyst Spark Review

Hello all!
I love eyepencils! They enhance your eyes and make them look wonderful if done right. I've heard a great deal about Colorbar's I-glide i i an a r p.pencils and finally bought them :). Today I will be reviewing it in the Amethyst Spark 011 shade.

According to Colorbar: "Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, with its smooth formulation, which gives your eyes rich color in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. With its capability to last longer than 8 hours, it does not feather or bleed."

Price: Rs 399

The pencil is of normal length and breadth and has a cap to protect the pencil nib. It is easy to carry in a purse. The colour is an amethyst purple with shine. It is not too bright but needs to be worn with caution during the day time as it shines quite a bit.

I love the fact that they have the colour marked at the end of the pencil so that it makes locating it in a stack of pencils easier.

 As you can see, the pencil is extremely creamy and glides on my eye with ease. Just like an eye liner. I usually don't apply much force while applying an eyepencil and this pencil is so creamy and dark that I did not have to worry about it. But since it is that creamy, it requires frequent sharpening. The picture below shows the pencil after sharpening it and using it just for two swatches.

 There isn't much difference between the two swatches as the  colour is pretty dark by itself. 2-3 swipes more help in building up the pigmentation if you  find one swipe not enough. The colour comes off the eyelids only with a make up remover or heavy duty eye washing.

Left: one swipe, Right: 3 swipes
The pencil lasts on my oily eyelids for about 6 hours easily and touch ups will make this easily last the entire day. The only disadvantage I found with this pencil is that, even though it is water proof, when it is mixed with water the glitter particles spread A LOT. The picture above is after putting water on it. You might just end up looking like you've just come from a party coz it spreads all over your face and it is really hard to get off once it spreads :(

This is how it looks on my eyes :)

- Lovely colour
- Looks great
- Lives up to its claims
- Lost lasting
- Very creamy

- Tends to finish fast since it is very creamy
- Glitter spreads all over the face when in contact with water
- Expensive

Yay or nay to recommend:
I really like this pencil even though it is not going to be useful during the rainy season. It is definitely worth the heavy price tag!

Overall Rating:

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yellow nail art NOTD

Hey all!
I've been in a bright cheery mood off late so decided to spread the cheer with my nail art lol. I initially planned on one design but ultimately did something completely.. Will do the other design soon too :)
Here are the pictures, enjoy :)


Hello everyone :)
Today I tried my hand at fishtail nail art. It's a pretty messed outcome but I guess it'll take much more practice to get it right. Sorry for the non-neat notd this time :(
Anyway here are the pictures :)
Have you ever tried fishtail nail art? :)

Faces Mini Haul

Hey all!
I know I said I wont be shopping for a while but ITS SO HARDDDD! I stopped by to pick up some food in Forum Mall and saw Faces so decided to check it out and BAM! I shopped! But I managed to control myself and buy just a little bit. Yay :D
This is the picture of the things I bought. Reviews coming up soon :)

Avon Glimmersticks in Blackest Black Review

Heylo everyone :D
I recently purchased Avon's glimmersticks (the non-shine one) in Blackest Black. Here is my take on the product.
Price: Rs.299, but can be bought at a cheaper price during offers.

The pencil is a retractable and travel friendly one.

It has the colour marked on the end of the pencil indicating the shade when hunting through a bunch of pencils. Yay :D

The color claims to be blackest black but I think my Lakme Absolute Kohl and Colossal are much much more black than this. But it is a pretty decent black. One swipe will definitely not give you the look you desire. The pigmentation can be built up with several swipes.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 3 swipes
The colour is pretty smudge proof but not that water proof. It easily comes off with water and a make up remover is not required. The colour lasts on my eyelids for about 5 hours and then starts fading away. Since the colour does not contain any glitter and is of a matte finish, it can be easily worn out during the day time. The pencil is not that creamy but does not require any pulling or tugging to apply. Nor does it hurt my eye. Since it is retractable, it saves up on a lot of the colour instead of wasting it by sharpening.

- Nice colour
- Lasts long on my eyelids

- Not really the blackest black I've ever seen
- Not that water proof
- Available only through Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend?
I think this pencil can be skipped as I have many other black coloured pencils that are better than this one. But if you love black, you might as well ass this to your collection when its on sale :D. I personally didn't find anything that great about this colour from Avon.

Overall rating:

Avon Glimmersticks Review

Hello all!
I love eyepencils and how they make eyes look so much more prettier :). I've heard a lot about Avon's Glimmersticks but never actually picked them up until recently. I chose Textured Teal because I love the colour and it suits my green contacts well.
Price: Rs.299, but you can get them on offers for lesser.

The pencil is a retractable one, which reduces wastage. But the quantity in these pencils are not as much as the sharpening types so I prefer those more. It is a travel friendly pencil. The graphics aren't that great but cute and simple.

The colour has a bit of shine to it but no sparkles or glitters. The Avon glimmersticks with glitter are a different range. This colour does not require the glitter in my opinion as it already has a nice little shine of its own.

This pencil too has the colour marked on the bottom of the pencil to make it easy to locate. But the colour is pretty dark so I tend to pass it off as a black when I'm looking through my eye pencil stash.

Top: one swipe, Down: three swipes
The pencil is smudge proof to quite an extent but not water proof. It lasts on my eyelids for about 5 hours and then starts to fade away. The pencil is not that creamy but does not tug or pull while using so it's alright. It does not cause any irritation on my eyes so it is safe for contact wearers. The colour is a very pretty teal and looks wonderful on the eyes. It is pretty dark in colour but can be even more pigmented with build up in more swipes.

The pencil is not that water proof as you can see in the picture above. But if you've swiped the colour more than once, it does not smudge and vanish like it would with only one swipe.

- Lovely colour
- Lasts long
- Not too expensive

- Not that water proof
- Can be bought only through Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend?
I think it is worth the price but could have been creamier. The shade is lovely so those who like it should definitely pick it up. But I don't find anything extraordinary about it. Maybe I need to try more of them from their shine range too.

Overall rating:

Short Review: Faces Matte Nailpolish

Hey everyone!
Today I will be reviewing Faces' Matte range nail polish in Suzi Skis. I wasn't aware of their matte range else I would have bought from them long time ago. They don't have too many colours in their Matte range but I was most attracted to this one as it has shine but is matte at the same time.
Price - Rs.229

The colour does not ship for about 3 days. 

Tha shade is a lovely blue with shimmer. It requires 2 coats and dries within a few minutes.
I personally love matte finish nail polishes as they look very elegant and pretty. This nail polish does not even dry up my nails like I've heard other matte nailpolishes do. It can be removed in the same way as a normal nailpolish.. thank God for that! I thought it would be harder to remove!

All in all I love the nailpolish and would like to try their different shades sometime soon :). Even though it is slightly on the expensive side, I wouldn't mind buying more as it is veryyy rare to find mattes in Indian market today  + the quality is great!

Have a nice day! ^_^

Saturday, 26 January 2013

My first blog award! :)

Hello everyone! :)
Happy Republic Day! :)
I got my first blog award from Poorva of Beautyfulljourney recently :)
Yippeeeee! I'm so excited! Thank you Poorva ^_^

Okay so here are the rules:
I’ve to answer 10 questions about myself and then pass this award to 10 other deserving bloggers with less than 300 followers.

The questions, along with my answers are:
1. What is your most favorite makeup item?
- I'm currently obsessed with eyeliners and eyepencils.. Totally in love with Faces Long Wear Eyepencil in Purple :)

2. What is your favorite tv show?
- I LOOOOVE watching Dexter, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural :) Sorry I can't pick just one :D

3. One thing you really love and without which you never leave your house? The answer can be anything but not any makeup related thing.
- My phoneeeeeee :D Don't think I can survive without it anymore!

4. What’s the most expensive makeup item you have bought for yourself?
- Hmm.. Since I'm still new to the make up world I haven't spent a great amount on anything before. But I think the most expensive product I've bought is the VOV 98-in-1 eyeshadow palette.

5. Which is the one physical trait of any actress or model do you wish to have?
- There are many but I think Kristen Stewart's long slim legs are something I would love to have.

6. What do you like the most about blogging?
- The fact that I get to interact with people from all across the country and share my opinions with them. It is a great platform to express yourself. Plus, everyone is so sweet and friendly! ^_^

7. Who is the person you are closest to? (you don’t need to name anybody)
- I am very close to my mother, Divya (my best friend) and boyfriend B :)

8. What is your dream profession?
- To be a great counselor in the field of psychology :)

9. How would you define “Sexy” ?
- Sexy is being comfortable with who you are, accepting ones own flaws and working with it to look even more beautiful :)

10. What advice do you think is the most important for upcoming bloggers, that you have learnt from your experience?
- I have learnt that blogging requires a lot of dedication, hard work and sincerity. Sometimes you might feel disheartened when you don't get an immediate response to your efforts and you might start comparing yourself with others but when you give it your best the results will show.

I would like to give this award to:
Lifestyle of a Working Girl
Get Me Gorgeous

Here’s how you can accept the award (the rules):
1. You must answer the 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you for the award, that is me.
2. You must pass on the award to 10 other deserving bloggers who are upcoming and have less than 300 followers.
3. Create 10 questions for the bloggers you tagged.
4. Let the lucky bloggers know you gave them the award.

My questions are:
1) What is the one beauty product you swear by?
2) What do you see trending in the world of fashion this year?
3) What is your favorite hobby?
4) What do you think is the most important aspect of blogging?
5) Who is your greatest inspiration?
6) Which would you prefer- Minimal or over-the-top dressing up?
7) What is your current favorite song?
8) One movie you can watch forever?
9) Your definition of happiness?
10) One thing you believe you are really good at?

Have a nice day! :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Avon Mini Haul

Hi beauties :)
I am a big Avon fan. I love how they are affordable and have a great variety and also work wonders. My haul is a mixture of products I've purchased for myself as well as for my best friend as it is her birthday next week. These are the products I purchased:

From left: Avon Speed dry+ in Vamp It Up, Simply Pretty Velvetty Matte Finish nail polish in Fuchsia Feel, Avon Speed Dry+ in Twilight Blue, Avon Glimmersticks in Textured Teal (2 pencils) and Blackest Black, Imari Purse Concentrate, Avon Little Black Dress Purse Concentrate.

I'm loving all the products I got.. Imari particularly smells amazing! Will review the products soon :)

Do you like Avon products? :)


Ello all :D
Today I am going to show you my nail art. Not sure if you can call it art since I didn't do much but meh :D
I used Avon's Lovely Lavender as the base and purple glitters are from my mini haul HERE.
I love the outcome of this nailpolish... it looks so party like and fun! I love purple! :)

Have a great day ahead! ^_^

Hauling time!

Hey all :)
As you know my exams just finished recently. But that doesn't mean I don't shop that time.. I do but online so I don't have to go out to buy stuff :D. It's like retail therapy  for stress I guess lol. Plus, my best friend's birthday is coming up and I'm giving her a gift basket so needed to pick up some stuff to fill in the bag. Will show you pictures once I'm done with it :) I have shopped from various stores but just combining them in one post. Enjoy the pictures :)

These are from Urbantouch.com. From top row left to right: Khadi soap in Jasmine, Basicare Eyelashes (my first ever false eye lashes, so exciting :D), Vaseline (my trusty lip saver), Khadi soap in Lavender and Ylang Ylang and Nyassa lip balm in bubble gum.

Ordered this from Purplle.com. Zuci Hand Sanitizer and Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Sweet Pea Forever (Don't be fooled by the name and think it is the same as their Sweet Pea lotion, this has a citrusy scent to it and I hate it! :( Glad I bought it for only Rs.550!)

These are from different sites; Flipkart.com and Urbantouch.com (I ordered the pencils after getting the previous Urbantouch products). From top left: Soulflower Essential Oils in Lavender and Ylang Ylang (I love essential oil fragrances!), Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 shampoo, Lakme Absolute precision liquid liner and NYX Jumbo Pencil in 612 Gold.

Bought this eye shadow palette from Jabong.com when it was on sale, Since I am not a big eye shadow user this 98 in one palette made more sense to pick up.

I'm still to receive a few more products.. I've overspent these few months and I think I need to stop shopping till my birthday. I really hope that works though lol. Expect loads of product reviews soon to make up for lack of posting :)

Have a nice weekend guys! :)

First EOTD :)

Hey everyone!
I recently purchased a VOV 98-in-1 eye shadow palette and was very inspired to do a nice eye make up. Today I tried my best to come up with a nice EOTD post but alas! I still can't perfect (or come anywhere close to) getting it right :( Please excuse the oily looking face and not-so-good eye make up and please don't laugh :D :(. I've been in a purpley mood off late so decided to do purple eye make up. Theres actually some gold that I tried to add in to make it a purple and gold eye make up, but again that didn't work out too well -_- The main reason I am putting them up is because I will have to try harder to perfect it since everyone has seen how bad it is :D I am a really lazy person you see :D. Also, sorry for the change in brightness in both the pictures, I couldn't manage to get them both under the same light.
*Skips ahead to the pictures to avoid further humiliation* :D

I will improve and definitely put up a picture perfect EOTD one day (this year only lol)
Thank you for cooperating :D

Revlon Colorstay Sparkling Eyeliner Review

Hey everyone!
Today I will be reviewing Revlon's Colorstay eyeliner in Black Sparkle. I have a sudden obsession with eye pencils and I've always loved sparkly things so both together are a dream :D

Price: Rs.470

I bought this pencil a long time ago but it was just lying there for sometime in my cupboard because of my temporary addiction with nail polishes instead lol.

The eye pencil is black in colour with a nice glitter with it. The texture of the pencil is veryy smooth and glides on the eyelids without a problem. But the fact that it is so creamy makes the pencil nib break very easily. And since the pencil is not a retractable one, sharpening it just makes the pencil finish faster. And sharpening makes the pencil uneven with my Lakme sharpener so using it on my eyelids after sharpening it hurts my eyes :(

The black is dark but not jet black at all. But the pigmentation darkens with more swipes. The colour lasts for about 6 hours on my oily eyelids but it is not at all waterproof. Once the colour settles, it is smudgeproof as well.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 3 swipes

Not at all waterproof. No no for rainy days :(
It passes the smudge test. Yay!

- Lovely colour
- Creamy texture

- Tends to break easily and sharpening it is not easy
- Not at all smudge proof

Yay or nay to recommend:
If you have a Revlon sharpener, yes it's amazing :D

Overall Rating:

My shopping experience with koovs.com

Hey lovelies! :)
I'm really sorry for not posting in over a week.. exams really take up all your time! Anyway I'm done at last yippee! Coming to the post..
How many times have you had to pay extra for a plastic bag while shopping? Have you tried fitting the stuff you've bought into your already full bag? Never? Err.. me neither :D. Just kidding! I always do that.. also coz I end up having wayyy too many plastic covers at home. Grrrr! So when I saw Bharti's post from Crazy Pop Lock about a reusable and fancy foldable bag, I just had to buy it! I found it on Koovs.com on major discount so ordered it. The company that makes this is called Envirosax and they have some lovely patterns.

According to their site, "Envirosax's motto is to spread the idea of eco-friendliness in style. Cheap chic never looked this good - it now comes with a green message! Tired of paying extra for a polythene bag everytime you buy something? Stuff an Envirosax bag into your hold-all and dump all your purchases into this handy, flexi bag. Don't be fooled by its wafer-thin upper, it can hold up to 20 kgs (it's tested for strength and safety). Think it can't get any better? This bag is washable and won't fade (brand's guarantee!) Quirky, contemporary graphics on the upper make us want more than just one of these!".
I placed an order for these immediately after seeing it and I recieved my order 2 days later. Very impressed with their prompt service. They even gave a bag with the package in case we want to return the product. I will definitely repurchase from this website.

Price: Rs.490 but I bought it on discount at Rs.245 :) It's still on discount so you can hurry and place your order! They have some reaaaallyy lovely designs.. wanted to pick up more!

The bag is small and compact and can easily fit into any purse.

The bag when fully opened. Really pretty isn't it? :)

           Have you shopped from them before? :) Did you like it too? :)