Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Mist Review

Hey beauties! :)
Today I will be reviewing a mist from one of my favorite brands - Victoria's Secret.
The mist is from the Secret Garden range. Since there are no VS stores in India as of now, it can be bought online and in a few hidden gem stores in your city if you're lucky ;). The cheapest price it can be bought online in Indian stores in 810 rupees but I purchased mine at 650 rupees thanks to a local store I found hidden in a corner of the city :). I bougt mine quite a while back and this was the bottle back then.

The new bottle it comes in now is in the picture below. But the fragrance is still the same.

About the product:
A Lavish, Lush Blend of Cherry Blossom, Peach, and White Jasmine and Infused with Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Calming Chamomile.

There are a lot of mixed responsees by people who own this product - many feel its too overpowering and targetted towards the younger generation while others are loyal toward the product from their teens till a much older age.

My view:
It comes with an easy open cap which I find very convienient. It is very travel friendly and easily fits into my handbag. The first thing I smell when I take a whiff of this mist is very sweet fruits. It reminds me of a fruit salad, only much much stronger in fragrance. The scent is too overpowering for me when I put it at first but it reduces in intensity within a few minutes and then I'm in a love spell ;)
It has a sweet fruity floral smell but with the fruity part dominating more. The fragrance lasts very long compared to all the other mists I own, which is a great thing. I do not feel any irritation after spraying it on, instead its more of an uplifting scent. I also got a lot of compliments  after putting it on and going out with friends ;)
But since this is a very strong scent, it is better using it for a night out with friends rather than at college or work.
*Smells divine if you love fruity fragrances
*Packaging  is cute
*Lasts very long
*Might be too overwhelming for many
*Very strong scent so not recommended for those with sensitive noses
*The sweetness might be liked only by younger people
Yay or Nay recommend?
Yay for those like me who love fruity fragrances... even if its way too fruity
Overall Rating:
(Since it is very strong, it sometimes gives me a headache)

Oriflame Feet Up Foot Cream Review

Today I will be reviewing Oriflame's foot cream - Feet Up, which is a night moisturizing cream. It contains Avocado and Aloe Vera. I got this from an Oriflame rep at 199 rupees. The actual price is 229 rupees.

Ingredient list:
My view:
The packaging is simple yet cute to look at. It is travel friendly and the cap is sturdy. It is a roll open cap so there is no issue of flimsiness and breakage. The moisturizer contains Avocado and Aloe Vera which are good ingredients to help improve the skin.
The cream is white in colour and not too thick. It absorbs within a minute so it is a good cream for the impatient ones as well who cant wait to get back on their feet after applying  the product. I'm not a fan of Aloe Vera's smell so the cream isnt the best smelling in my opinion. But it is not too strong and the fragrance vanishes quickly.
The cream does not give an immediate result and only after a few week's usage will you be able to see the change in your feet. But it does work well.
*Does what it says
*Travel friendly
*Takes a while for visible results
*Could have smelled better
*Contains Parabens :(
 *Available only through Oriflame reps
Yay or Nay recommend?
Yay! For those who have cracked and dry feet it works very well. So would defenitely recommend.
Overall rating:
(One less because I am not a fan of the smell)

Maybelline Baby Lips - Mango Pie review

Hello everyone! :)
Today I will be reviewing Maybelline's new Baby Lips lip balm - Mango Pie. I'm sure EVERYONE has heard/bought atleast one of them by now and I too am amongst you all :D. I was so excited when they finally launched though it was a huge dissappointment when I realized they don't look as good as the foreign ones :(
Anyway I bought two of them (Pink Lolita and Mango Pie), but I am reviewing only one today.

 The Baby Lips range come in colour and care range. The colour range is priced at 150 Rupees while the care range is cheaper at 125 Rupees. Mango Pie has an SPF of 20, which is great for the weather we face these days.

The packaging colours is really adorable... that was the first thing I noticed about the packaging, The cap is sturdy and very pocket friendly. It is a transparent colour and imparts a little shine only but not that evident.

Now coming to the fragrance... It smells wonderful! It reminds me of mango bite in jelly form (if that makes any sense at all :P). The smell isnt that strong and fades away within half an hour so those with sensitive noses do not have to worry about it.

I've used this lip balm religiously for almost 2 weeks now and I must say I'm surprised it actually does make my lips feel softer! The change can be felt almost immediately after applying the balm. I even tried it on my brother, who has extremely chapped lips and it seemed to worl well on him too :P

*Smells yummy
*Works like a charm
*Packaging is so cute and girly :P
*Has an SPF of 20

*Cant find any! Except the change in packaging (though this is cute too)

Yay or Nay to recommend:
Yay all the way! :D
All those who havent bought it yet - go run to your nearest store and grab them! :)

Overall rating :
(One star less for the change in packaging)

Hello everyone! :)

A warm welcome to all those viewing my blog right now :)
I'm really excited to join the blogosphere and hope to inspire others (just like I have been inspired) and make the world a truly fashionable place.
Looking forward to this experience and hope to publish many posts in the coming months :)
Yayyyyyy! :)