Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy new year in advance! :)

Hey everyone! As you must have read in my previous post, I will be leaving to Mumbai tomorrow morning for a family function. I will be there till 1st evening and I'm sure I won't find the time to post this later so just wanted to wish all of you a very happy new year! :). May the year bring you lots of happiness and fun :). Party hard and stay safe :)
Love you all :*

Nail polish haul

Hieeeeee! :)
I'm going to Mumbai tomorrow for a family function so wanted to pick up some travel stuff today. Went to Health and Glow to buy some hair rubber bands and ended up buying nail polishes instead :D
I purchased Colorbar's Lime Margherita, Tangerine Mojito and Pina Colada.. All of them are neon colours (finally neon colours enter the Indian market!).They are priced at Rs.150 each. I also picked up a holographic glitter nail polish by VOV (not sure how genuine it is though) in purple and love it! It costed 70 bucks and I could only bargain and bring it down to 65 Rupees :(. I suck at bargaining! :(
Here are the pictures :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

My December Vellvette Box! :)

Hello lovelies! :)
I finally received my December Vellvette box this afternoon and boy was I excited! The excitement was totally worth it because I LOVE this month's box! The perfect gift for Christmas I must say (even though I received it after Christmas.. oh well, its a belated Christmas gift ;)). It's like they read my mind and chose products that I wanted. I got:

  • Anna Andre Deluxe Creme lipstick 
  • The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner
  • NYX Eye and Eyebrow Pencil in Emrald City
  • Cabotine De Gres perfume
Anyway, here are the pictures :)

   My box came in good condition this time, yayy! Love the christmasy feeling they've given to the box this time :)

The products I got :). Received 4, the lipstick was a bonus :)

The product information and coupons :)

The coupons state that we get 500Rs off if purchased by Jan 31st 2012. I think they mean 2013 :D

This was a bonus product.. Yippee!

I've heard so many good reviews about this one. Can't wait to try it out!

Love the colour!

I personally don't like citrusy fragrances much so this isn't a favorite.

I am very satisfied with my box and can't wait for the next one! What did you get in your box this month? :)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas! :)

wishing everyone a very merry christmas! :). I hope you have all been good this year ;). I know the post is really late, I've been unexpectedly busy all day and just came home now.. Anyway heres a video from my favorite Youtuber iisuperwomanii.. Have a great day! :)

iisuperwomanii's jingle bells desi version

Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Hey everyone!
Christmas is just round the corner and you can already feel the festivities here :). My brother and me put up a *fake* christmas tree in the house last night.. It was so much fun to assemble! Here is a picture of it :)

We are playing Secret Santa in class and I was thinking of something nice to get for her. This is what I got :)

The blue earrings are for me :D I loved the colour and pattern and since it isn't my Elf's type I picked it for myself :). I love buying things for myself when its unplanned :D

What plans do you have for Christmas? I absolutely love the festivities here! :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

End Of The World??

Hey everyone! :)
I know there are hardly any hours left for the world to "end" so decided to let this be my "last" post lol. *tries to get dramatic but fails miserably*. I'm pretty sure the world won't really end tomorrow.. but it'll probably make people more aware about things and how they are easily duped. And the media just hypes up the entire situation as they know how vulnerable the audience is so it is easy to toy with our emotional side. I just hope people aren't spending all their money tonight :D
Anyhoo, if the world does end I would like to thank all my friends and family for their family and support throughout my life and also to all my blogger friends for their constant support and encouragement to keep posting. Thank you all! :)
Ok now this really does sound like the world is ending.. the Delhi gangrape case sure makes me feel like the world should ACTUALLY end so that *beep* like those idiots die. *Sigh* the world really needs a change for the better...
Have a great day ahead and stay safe tomorrow everyone! Even if nothing happens, just take care and be cautious.. even on any other normal day.
Love you all <3

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Body Shop Fraud!!

Hey all..
I went to The Forum Mall today as my mother likes the Indian Night Jasmine lotion I recently purchased so decided to take her to try out a body lotion from The Body Shop. While we were looking at the lotions the SA came up to us and said that they were having a 50% discount on a selection of products and asked us to have a look at it. I liked the Moroccan Rose butter and since it was in a mini tub (50ml), I found it handy to take while travelling and keeping in my purse. I also picked up the Shea Butter body scrub as I have been meaning to buy one in a long time and since it was on half price discount, I decided to purchase this as well. My mother picked up a White Musk scent from them as she did not find the lotion she was looking for.

When we went to the billing counter, the cashier said that it was 50% off only for members and asked for my mother's TBS card but she had left it at home. We asked him to enter our name and find out from their logs but he said they do not have that kind of a system. My mother felt that there was something fishy going on and told him that we did not want to purchase the products as we were not told by the SA about the members only discount nor was it written anywhere. The cashier then said that he will give us the products on 50% discount from his account and that we should carry our card from next time and also that we shouldn't tell anyone about it. That seemed very fishy but we thought he was joking as he smiled and said it. And since I really wanted them, I convinced my mother to let us buy it. I did not take a picture of the scent as it looked fine and there was no tag covering below the 'new' one.

On our way home my mother and me were debating about whether there was an actual discount as I had gone to TBS just 2 days ago and the SA didn't mention anything of that sort to me. But then I thought the sale must have just started yesterday when they got their limited edition products. So once I was home I went to TBS online store to find out about their 50% members only discount but could not find anything related to it anywhere. I then googled the discount and found out about how TBS has been cheating people by removing the product tags of the expired products and replacing it with new ones that show the expiry date to be much later. The link is HERE. I checked out the Shea Butter scrub but could not find any remaining paper or tag, but just one tag with the price, expiry date etc. But the Moroccan Rose body butter had two tags - one new one that said that the product was manufactured in Sep '11 and expires in May '14 (though the tube picture clearly shows the shelf life of the product is 12 months). I could not see the actual expiry date as the old tag had been almost fully removed. The product smells really old and stale.

The new tag

You can see the old tag when the new one is removed.

Even while we were sampling the lotions, I told my mother that I did not like a particular ones smell and the SA said that its probably because the lotion has expired already and that she would bring a new one. Why would you keep an expired product as the tester?? Knowing how good the brand is, I trusted them and did not even go to check whether the products they gave me were intact or not... until I came home and realized that there were no seals on any of my products. And it looked like it was already half used. And the body butter smelt stale. I am very very very disappointed with TBS as I did not expect them to do something like this. My mother threw away the bill before I checked my products so its of no use going to talk to them about it now :(
I will not be purchasing any more of TBS products and have lost complete trust in them. I am very very very disappointed and angry with them having the guts to cheat their own customers. For all those that purchase from TBS- please check the product expiry date and everything else and do not purchase anything if it looks fishy to you. Do not make the same mistake I did.The cashier must have thought that we would still purchase the products though it was not on discount but since we decided not to, he must have realized that some profit is better than none so he "sweetly" decided to pay half on our behalf. I should have just listened to my mother. *Sigh* atleast we just spent around Rs.1500 :(

Sorry for the really long post, just wanted to share how deceiving even trusted brands can be. I will check the details on all products even more carefully from now on. Even if it is my favorite and I find it trustworthy.

Indian Night Jasmine Body Lotion (The Body Shop) Review

Hey pretties :)
I am currently obsessed with lotions and body butters as the effects of winter has started showing on my skin. I decided to check out TBS as I know that their body lotions are amazing. I did not quite like their holiday limited edition collection (thought the vanilla smelt amazing, I have wayy too many vanilla scented products so decided to let this one go). I came across Indian Night Jasmine and instantly loved it! Picked it up right away and didn't even look at the other lotions.

It is priced Rs.795 but I got it on discount so paid Rs.636. The quantity is 250ml.

The lotion comes in a pump bottle which I am SO thankful for! Gone are the days when I had to squeeze the bottle to get the lotion out! The bottle is a thin white coloured one with the picture of Taj Mahal at night and Jasmine flowers. Simple yet attention catching. The bottle is quite sturdy and travel friendly though it is a pretty long bottle.

The lotion comes out of the bottle at ease and is adequate amounts. A little of the lotion goes a long way. The lotion is neither think nor runny. But it is a bit more towards the runny side. This makes the lotion glide across the skin with ease. It does not feel greasy at all and dries up really fast and making my skin feel smooth and soft. The fragrance is just like Jasmine.. very floral and mature. It actually does remind me of a quiet and peaceful night of looking at the stars with the breeze gently swaying my hair from side to side.. ahh dreams! Anyway, back to reality :D. The scent does not last for more than 5 hours, but the 5 hours that it does last for is totally worth it.

I usually hate floral scents as I am more of a fruity person (I mean fruity scent liking person lol), but this scent is different and amazing. I have not applied it on my face, so I cannot comment on breakouts. I am really glad I purchased this lotion as it is worth the price.

- Cute packaging
- Travel friendly
- Smells great
- Moisturises well
- Not tested on animals

Can't think of any!

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay! It is a nice lotion and smells good!

Overall Rating:

L'Occitane Roll On Perfume Review

Hey beautiful! :)
I have heard greeeeattt reviews about L'Occitane products (and I still don't know what its right pronunciation is, with everyone saying it differently), so when I went to Shoppers Stop recently to look for a good eyeliner I thought of giving the brand a try. Every single product I smelt was absolutely amazing! So... perfect!
With a lot of self-debate, I picked up their roll on perfume in Fleurs Merveilleuses, which means marvellous flowers. I usually prefer fruity fragrances but this one just took my breath away! Oh and also, I must give a special mention to the packing of the product after I purchased it. SO adorable right? I'm glad they don't put up their product packing/bag on display because it would lure me to just buy a product so that I would get the bag! Yes, I have a certain weird fetish of collecting cute shopping bags.

So girly and cute! Even the back of the bag is sealed with nice designed tape.

The roll on is 10ML and costs Rs.1390. The product comes in a long transparent glass tube. Nothing fancy about the packaging but the scent certainly makes up for it. The cover that holds the bottle is cute and pink. It reminds me of fairies lol.

 The roll on dries quickly after its application and is not over powering, except in the initial few seconds.  The length of the bottle is long and sleek. Though there is nothing that great about it, I like the look. It is not even heavy. The ingredients are all natural and safe, one more plus point for the perfume!

The scent is initially a bit strong but give it a few minutes and it will smell like heaven, for me atleast! I think of sophistication and a bit of girliness when I smell this. Something one would smell at high end stores or international airports (ok, that doesn't make much sense but that is what I first thought of lol).It smells like you are walking into a garden with flowers.. The scent lasts for more than 9 hours without reapplication! The top of the roll on has a gold coloured circle which makes holding the bottle easy. The grip is better when you hold it that way.

I am really glad I purchased this product. I love it already! But the only con with this is that it is in a glass tube so it is not travel friendly. Though the sweet SA gave me a velvet cover to put it in so that it does not break while traveling, I do not want to take my chances in breaking such a nice product (not to mention, such an expensive one as well!)

- Smells amazinggggg
- Absorbs quick
- Very long lasting

- Glass tube makes it non-travel friendly

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay because it smells so peony and classy!

Overall Rating:

Have you tried L'Occitane products before? I was thinking of purchasing their shea butter hand cream as well, my hands felt instantly miosturized once I applied it on to my hands! Is it a good buy?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Review

Hey lovelies! :)
Everyone is talking about the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and it almost seems as if it is a necessity to have now. I purchased this as my eyeliner has completely dried up and was looking for a change. I chose this one over the black and silver as I do not use silver or shiny products on my eyes often as it looks over done in college.

I purchased Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black. It claims to stay for 24 hours.

It is 2.8gms and costs Rs.410. The product comes in a very small glass tub and it a bit on the heavier side. Seems pretty breakable so will have to take extra care with the product. It comes with a brush to dip into the tub and apply on the eyes.

The glass tub. Looks cute but loses out on being travel friendly :(

The back of the eyeliner gel tub. The eyeliner dries quickly so you do not have to worry about smudging it before it dries.

 Maybelline claims that the product is smudge proof as well as water proof. I applied it in the morning and it lasted perfectly till night! It does not come off at all with water and requires a make up remover.

The brush comes with a cap so that the bristles do not get damaged

The bristles are thick and many in number, which makes it easier to get a grip on the eyeliner while applying.

The eyeliner gel in a very thin line. Sorry about the clarity and quality, after numerous pictures this was the best I could get :(. Need more practice on close-up pictures!

I LOVE this gel eyeliner! Why did I not buy this sooner?! :(. The gel is very very smooth so it is easy to take from the brush and applying it is even easier! Like, 100 times easier than a normal eyeliner for me. I can easily apply the gel thick or thin as the brush is easy to use. This has become my HG product for eye make up.

- Very easy to use
- Works great
- Does exactly what it says

- A bit pricey for the quantity
- Since the gel comes in a glass-like packaging, it is prone to breakage and is not travel friendly

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yayyyy all the wayyy! If you haven't tried this yet - what are you still doing? Pick it up right now!

Overall Rating:

Have you tried Maybelline's Gel Liner before? Do you like it? :)

Garnier Body Cocoon Lotion Review

Hey beauties 
My current obsession is creams and lotions. I have way too many of them and decided to follow a new rule - buy a new lotion/cream only when one gets over. More like a replacement rule. So my Forest Essentials lotion just finished so i rushed out to Health And Glow to buy a replacement for it. I initially planned on buying an Aroma Magic one but didn't like any of the ones that they had. I had heard a lot about Garnier's Body Cocoon lotion so decided to pick it up. The lotion has been in the market for quite a while but I have had my eyes set on many other lotions so this one took a back seat. Well, until now.
The bottle is 125ML and is priced Rs.115 but it was on discount so purchased it at Rs.100.

The bottle packaging is cute with a bright orange (reminds me of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!) and comes in a tube packaging. Squeezing out the cream is pretty easy and the bottle is very travel friendly. It is sturdy as well.

The consistency of the lotion is slightly runny, which is very unexpected. The thickness reminds me of shaving cream or whipped cream at first sight, but when you use it it is not at all the way it seems. It is very easy to apply since it is not that thick. The absorbing power of this lotion is amazing, it absorbs in well within a minute and it leaves my skin soft like it is protected in a cocoon (I know, that's the point of the name but still :P). The lotion does not make my skin feel greasy at all. In fact, it feels soft and hydrated. The staying power is for about 4-5 hours but the fragrance dies almost immediately (within an hour or so).

The fragrance is something I am slightly disappointed in as I do not like mild ones that much. It is a slightly mild fruity fragrance and not at all over powering. I have not used it on my face so I cannot comment about how it would work and if it causes any breakouts. A turn-off about this product would be that it contains parabens.  I would not recommend this to people with extremely dry skin as I feel it does not moisturize enough for that skin type.

- Reasonably priced
- Smell is mild and nice
- Attractive packaging
- Moisturizes well

- Staying power is not that good
- Personally, I would have preferred a stronger scent to the lotion
- Will not help those with very dry skin
- Contains parabens

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay for those with normal skin and interested in trying different lotions. Nay for those with dry skin. Might not do very well during harsh winters as well.

Overall Rating:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

My shopping experience with

Hi all! Shopping is something that we all love, but then there's the issue of long lines, time, lack of variety etc. This is where online shopping comes in handy. It saves a LOT of time, you get more variety and also discounts :)
I have been looking for good sports shoes for my workout so thought of giving a try since I've heard good reviews about them. I chose a black Puma shoes which originally costed Rs.2299 but with discounts I paid only Rs.1669! How cool is that? :). Now I can use the saved money to shop for something else yippee :P
I like the variety (SO many brands omg!) And discounts on their website and they are really prompt. Everything is very well organized on the site.
For those that are unsure of their shoe size, they have a chart clearly explaining how to find your right size. The best part about the website is that they have cash on delivery, as many like me are uncomfortable with using their cards online. Yebhi offers free shipping as well.
I placed my order on 9th evening and they dispatched my product the very next morning. My product reached yesterday evening (12th) but I could not pick it up as I was not home so I got it today. I am very impressed with the speed in delivery and the fact that they keep you updated when the product has been verified, dispatched and when it reaches as well. My shoes were very safely packaged in a big box and the shoes were tightly wrapped in paper. The bill and details were stuck on the outside of the box for reference. The box was not filled with thermocol but then again, it is not necessary for shoes that are tightly wrapped in a sturdy box. Here are pictures of my shoes. Have you ever shopped from Yebhi? Do you like it? :)
I will definitely shop from them again :)