Sunday, 16 December 2012

L'Occitane Roll On Perfume Review

Hey beautiful! :)
I have heard greeeeattt reviews about L'Occitane products (and I still don't know what its right pronunciation is, with everyone saying it differently), so when I went to Shoppers Stop recently to look for a good eyeliner I thought of giving the brand a try. Every single product I smelt was absolutely amazing! So... perfect!
With a lot of self-debate, I picked up their roll on perfume in Fleurs Merveilleuses, which means marvellous flowers. I usually prefer fruity fragrances but this one just took my breath away! Oh and also, I must give a special mention to the packing of the product after I purchased it. SO adorable right? I'm glad they don't put up their product packing/bag on display because it would lure me to just buy a product so that I would get the bag! Yes, I have a certain weird fetish of collecting cute shopping bags.

So girly and cute! Even the back of the bag is sealed with nice designed tape.

The roll on is 10ML and costs Rs.1390. The product comes in a long transparent glass tube. Nothing fancy about the packaging but the scent certainly makes up for it. The cover that holds the bottle is cute and pink. It reminds me of fairies lol.

 The roll on dries quickly after its application and is not over powering, except in the initial few seconds.  The length of the bottle is long and sleek. Though there is nothing that great about it, I like the look. It is not even heavy. The ingredients are all natural and safe, one more plus point for the perfume!

The scent is initially a bit strong but give it a few minutes and it will smell like heaven, for me atleast! I think of sophistication and a bit of girliness when I smell this. Something one would smell at high end stores or international airports (ok, that doesn't make much sense but that is what I first thought of lol).It smells like you are walking into a garden with flowers.. The scent lasts for more than 9 hours without reapplication! The top of the roll on has a gold coloured circle which makes holding the bottle easy. The grip is better when you hold it that way.

I am really glad I purchased this product. I love it already! But the only con with this is that it is in a glass tube so it is not travel friendly. Though the sweet SA gave me a velvet cover to put it in so that it does not break while traveling, I do not want to take my chances in breaking such a nice product (not to mention, such an expensive one as well!)

- Smells amazinggggg
- Absorbs quick
- Very long lasting

- Glass tube makes it non-travel friendly

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay because it smells so peony and classy!

Overall Rating:

Have you tried L'Occitane products before? I was thinking of purchasing their shea butter hand cream as well, my hands felt instantly miosturized once I applied it on to my hands! Is it a good buy?


  1. wow this is so pretty :) i love l'occitane... i only have its shampoo right now which i got in my vellvette box, but i really plan to buy more :) have u sniffed their shower gels? theyre great too :)

    1. I love them too now! :)
      Yes I have smelt them and they all smell amaaazzzinnggg! Unfortunately I do not have the money to buy everything from their store :D. You're so lucky you got it in your Vellvette box!

  2. Hey..!!
    this seems too pretty..!!
    but I guess the price is lil heavy (idk)
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Following you now :)
    I Diva

    1. Thank you! Welcome to my blog ^_^ The price is heavy but its totally worth it Apoorva :) Initially even I found it too expensive but I just didn't feel like leaving it :D


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