Friday, 28 December 2012

Nail polish haul

Hieeeeee! :)
I'm going to Mumbai tomorrow for a family function so wanted to pick up some travel stuff today. Went to Health and Glow to buy some hair rubber bands and ended up buying nail polishes instead :D
I purchased Colorbar's Lime Margherita, Tangerine Mojito and Pina Colada.. All of them are neon colours (finally neon colours enter the Indian market!).They are priced at Rs.150 each. I also picked up a holographic glitter nail polish by VOV (not sure how genuine it is though) in purple and love it! It costed 70 bucks and I could only bargain and bring it down to 65 Rupees :(. I suck at bargaining! :(
Here are the pictures :)


  1. all the shades r really pretty :) n have a good trip :)

  2. Super neony! I have developed a likin to all things neon..they bring color to ur life :D :P

  3. very pretty shades...have nice journey...:)

  4. lusting after the colorbar nail paints


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