Friday, 14 December 2012

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Review

Hey lovelies! :)
Everyone is talking about the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and it almost seems as if it is a necessity to have now. I purchased this as my eyeliner has completely dried up and was looking for a change. I chose this one over the black and silver as I do not use silver or shiny products on my eyes often as it looks over done in college.

I purchased Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black. It claims to stay for 24 hours.

It is 2.8gms and costs Rs.410. The product comes in a very small glass tub and it a bit on the heavier side. Seems pretty breakable so will have to take extra care with the product. It comes with a brush to dip into the tub and apply on the eyes.

The glass tub. Looks cute but loses out on being travel friendly :(

The back of the eyeliner gel tub. The eyeliner dries quickly so you do not have to worry about smudging it before it dries.

 Maybelline claims that the product is smudge proof as well as water proof. I applied it in the morning and it lasted perfectly till night! It does not come off at all with water and requires a make up remover.

The brush comes with a cap so that the bristles do not get damaged

The bristles are thick and many in number, which makes it easier to get a grip on the eyeliner while applying.

The eyeliner gel in a very thin line. Sorry about the clarity and quality, after numerous pictures this was the best I could get :(. Need more practice on close-up pictures!

I LOVE this gel eyeliner! Why did I not buy this sooner?! :(. The gel is very very smooth so it is easy to take from the brush and applying it is even easier! Like, 100 times easier than a normal eyeliner for me. I can easily apply the gel thick or thin as the brush is easy to use. This has become my HG product for eye make up.

- Very easy to use
- Works great
- Does exactly what it says

- A bit pricey for the quantity
- Since the gel comes in a glass-like packaging, it is prone to breakage and is not travel friendly

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yayyyy all the wayyy! If you haven't tried this yet - what are you still doing? Pick it up right now!

Overall Rating:

Have you tried Maybelline's Gel Liner before? Do you like it? :)


  1. great review Neha :)
    i love this :) i have all the three variants from maybelline! bought the black n silver first, could use only the black most times n silver for parties n all but then it got mixed up so bought the lack too. love the brown one the most :) its a gorgeous chocolate brown... u shud try it.. i find it perfect for formal days at collg... for vivas and all :P it gives an almost no makeup look and still defines the eyes in a nice way :)
    n u know i feel the price is justified as this tiny pot lasts really long! just dsnt get over! n its quality is comparable to MAC!:) i wish maybelline would get more colours in this !

    1. Oh wow! The SA didn't even show me the brown since it was out of stock.. Will definitely pick it up next time coz now I'm addicted to the gel eyeliner! I really hope it does last as long as you say because the messed up way I'm using it, it seems as if it'll finish within 2 weeks :P. I'm sure Maybelline will come up with many more colours now that they know how much profits they'll make out of it :D

    2. lol :D i hope they do soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. Its amazing! Now I know why everyone praises it so much :)
      Totally hooked on to it :)

  3. hey ur new follower...I too love this eyeliner...Mine is almost empty nw ;)

    1. Hiii welcome to my blog! ^_^
      It is an awesome product.. I'm really glad I picked it up :)

  4. i love this but d only draw back is it dries up faster here in chennai :(

    1. Aww :( I hate it when my favorite products dry up before they finish! :(

  5. its an awesome product... :) i just love it... and yeah.. nice review Neha :D

    1. I love it too now.. really glad I got it :)
      Thank you :D

  6. I love this gel liner range from maybelline. they have superb staying power and the pot is so pretty to look at.:)
    i have the swirl one in black and silver.. heading for brown and gold now.
    I liked our eyes Neha.:)

    1. It is awesome :) Aww thank you Niesha! <3


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