Sunday, 2 December 2012

Be strong

Hello all. Someone I knew recently committed suicide because of depression. And that hurts me a lot because I keep thinking that all she needed was a friend who she could be herself with. I mean, we all are humans created by the same Force with the same flesh and blood. So why not selflessly help one another? All she needed was someone to listen to her so she didn't have to bear the burdens in her life alone. And that is why I am posting this today.
We all go through struggles in our lives, some more challenging than others. We all need someone to open up to. And when things do not go in our way, we feel the easiest solution is suicide or self harm. I admit that even I have gone through some tough times and been depressed and low a lot. And at those times, I just needed someone to lend a ear. But there were times that I found it difficult to confide in my loved ones because I was scared of how they would react to my deepest emotions.
So here I am, writing to everyone reading this, that I am here to listen to whatever you have to say and confide in me about your deepest emotions or anything that you want to share. And I will not be judgemental - just a ear willing to listen to you so you can unload your problems. You can even keep it anonymous if you'd like. Just please, please do not resort to any form of harm or suicide. I know how much courage it takes to do something like that but please don't.
I do not know you but I will try my best to ease you from your burdens. I know some may think that I am too young to understand what you might be going through, but please give me a try and I'm sure you will find out that I'm far far far more mature than you'd think. You can send me an email on and I will be happy to help :). I'm sorry for such a long post - just wanted to let everyone know that they are not alone. For all those that read the entire post- thank you so much! It means a lot to me and I hope I can help some of you make your lives even better :)


  1. thats the saddest thing that can happen when a person loses all desire to live :(
    you've written a great post Neha and being a friend to everyone is great :) good job:)

  2. Thank you Poorva :)
    I really hope I can be a friend and help those in need :(

  3. thats really sad to hear :(

    you are doing a good job... keep up...



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