Thursday, 20 December 2012

End Of The World??

Hey everyone! :)
I know there are hardly any hours left for the world to "end" so decided to let this be my "last" post lol. *tries to get dramatic but fails miserably*. I'm pretty sure the world won't really end tomorrow.. but it'll probably make people more aware about things and how they are easily duped. And the media just hypes up the entire situation as they know how vulnerable the audience is so it is easy to toy with our emotional side. I just hope people aren't spending all their money tonight :D
Anyhoo, if the world does end I would like to thank all my friends and family for their family and support throughout my life and also to all my blogger friends for their constant support and encouragement to keep posting. Thank you all! :)
Ok now this really does sound like the world is ending.. the Delhi gangrape case sure makes me feel like the world should ACTUALLY end so that *beep* like those idiots die. *Sigh* the world really needs a change for the better...
Have a great day ahead and stay safe tomorrow everyone! Even if nothing happens, just take care and be cautious.. even on any other normal day.
Love you all <3


  1. Ha ha ha. The world may or may not end. But humanity has died for sure #delhirape.

    Hw abt foll each oda?
    M following u via GFC. Hope u can follow back-

    1. Totally agreed! I'm already following you :)

  2. Hahah! Funny post :D I didn't believe it either. To be honest I had even forgotten the date but remembered by seeing the varius statuses my fb friends put up :P Haha!


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