Saturday, 19 January 2013

My shopping experience with

Hey lovelies! :)
I'm really sorry for not posting in over a week.. exams really take up all your time! Anyway I'm done at last yippee! Coming to the post..
How many times have you had to pay extra for a plastic bag while shopping? Have you tried fitting the stuff you've bought into your already full bag? Never? Err.. me neither :D. Just kidding! I always do that.. also coz I end up having wayyy too many plastic covers at home. Grrrr! So when I saw Bharti's post from Crazy Pop Lock about a reusable and fancy foldable bag, I just had to buy it! I found it on on major discount so ordered it. The company that makes this is called Envirosax and they have some lovely patterns.

According to their site, "Envirosax's motto is to spread the idea of eco-friendliness in style. Cheap chic never looked this good - it now comes with a green message! Tired of paying extra for a polythene bag everytime you buy something? Stuff an Envirosax bag into your hold-all and dump all your purchases into this handy, flexi bag. Don't be fooled by its wafer-thin upper, it can hold up to 20 kgs (it's tested for strength and safety). Think it can't get any better? This bag is washable and won't fade (brand's guarantee!) Quirky, contemporary graphics on the upper make us want more than just one of these!".
I placed an order for these immediately after seeing it and I recieved my order 2 days later. Very impressed with their prompt service. They even gave a bag with the package in case we want to return the product. I will definitely repurchase from this website.

Price: Rs.490 but I bought it on discount at Rs.245 :) It's still on discount so you can hurry and place your order! They have some reaaaallyy lovely designs.. wanted to pick up more!

The bag is small and compact and can easily fit into any purse.

The bag when fully opened. Really pretty isn't it? :)

           Have you shopped from them before? :) Did you like it too? :)


  1. nice haul..i did shop from them and my parcel never reached me..:(

    1. Omg did you contact them and ask for the parcel? I'm sure they will refund you or send it to you again atleast :(

  2. awww...Im so in <3 with the bag ^_^ *_*^_^ *_*..following you ..kisses

    1. I am too <3
      Aww welcome to by blog ^_^ Eeeeee :D
      *hugs and kisses*

  3. ive seen such bags but always with very boring designs.... this is the first time ive seen such a pretty design ! loved it:)

    1. You should check out their entire collection Poorva, they have such amazing designs! It's a shame its not 100 bucks each; I would have bought the whole store then :P

  4. You have a great blog too :) I just left you a comment on my blog..

    Also, I feel lucky to learn about the Vellvette Box from your blog :) :)

    Following you now too..



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