Sunday, 27 January 2013

Avon Glimmersticks Review

Hello all!
I love eyepencils and how they make eyes look so much more prettier :). I've heard a lot about Avon's Glimmersticks but never actually picked them up until recently. I chose Textured Teal because I love the colour and it suits my green contacts well.
Price: Rs.299, but you can get them on offers for lesser.

The pencil is a retractable one, which reduces wastage. But the quantity in these pencils are not as much as the sharpening types so I prefer those more. It is a travel friendly pencil. The graphics aren't that great but cute and simple.

The colour has a bit of shine to it but no sparkles or glitters. The Avon glimmersticks with glitter are a different range. This colour does not require the glitter in my opinion as it already has a nice little shine of its own.

This pencil too has the colour marked on the bottom of the pencil to make it easy to locate. But the colour is pretty dark so I tend to pass it off as a black when I'm looking through my eye pencil stash.

Top: one swipe, Down: three swipes
The pencil is smudge proof to quite an extent but not water proof. It lasts on my eyelids for about 5 hours and then starts to fade away. The pencil is not that creamy but does not tug or pull while using so it's alright. It does not cause any irritation on my eyes so it is safe for contact wearers. The colour is a very pretty teal and looks wonderful on the eyes. It is pretty dark in colour but can be even more pigmented with build up in more swipes.

The pencil is not that water proof as you can see in the picture above. But if you've swiped the colour more than once, it does not smudge and vanish like it would with only one swipe.

- Lovely colour
- Lasts long
- Not too expensive

- Not that water proof
- Can be bought only through Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend?
I think it is worth the price but could have been creamier. The shade is lovely so those who like it should definitely pick it up. But I don't find anything extraordinary about it. Maybe I need to try more of them from their shine range too.

Overall rating:

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