Sunday, 27 January 2013

Avon Glimmersticks in Blackest Black Review

Heylo everyone :D
I recently purchased Avon's glimmersticks (the non-shine one) in Blackest Black. Here is my take on the product.
Price: Rs.299, but can be bought at a cheaper price during offers.

The pencil is a retractable and travel friendly one.

It has the colour marked on the end of the pencil indicating the shade when hunting through a bunch of pencils. Yay :D

The color claims to be blackest black but I think my Lakme Absolute Kohl and Colossal are much much more black than this. But it is a pretty decent black. One swipe will definitely not give you the look you desire. The pigmentation can be built up with several swipes.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 3 swipes
The colour is pretty smudge proof but not that water proof. It easily comes off with water and a make up remover is not required. The colour lasts on my eyelids for about 5 hours and then starts fading away. Since the colour does not contain any glitter and is of a matte finish, it can be easily worn out during the day time. The pencil is not that creamy but does not require any pulling or tugging to apply. Nor does it hurt my eye. Since it is retractable, it saves up on a lot of the colour instead of wasting it by sharpening.

- Nice colour
- Lasts long on my eyelids

- Not really the blackest black I've ever seen
- Not that water proof
- Available only through Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend?
I think this pencil can be skipped as I have many other black coloured pencils that are better than this one. But if you love black, you might as well ass this to your collection when its on sale :D. I personally didn't find anything that great about this colour from Avon.

Overall rating:


  1. oh even after three swipes it does not look impressive... thanks for the review dear.

    1. It isn't impressive.. all my other eye pencils are better than this :(

  2. I had this pencil too.. it was average nothing special and then i lost it..:)))
    ice review dear!!

    1. I found it alright too.. Haha I lose things all the time :D

  3. Haven't tried it. U can try Amway attitude kajal coal my personal fav :) or go with Lakme eyeconic :)

    1. I actually reaaallyy badly want to try Amway's attitude kajal but I don't know anyone whom I can buy it from :(

  4. I have one of the Glimmersticks too and I find them kind of dry. :(

    1. Yeah they aren't creamy at all.. not a fan of this one :(

  5. i have never tried this....nice review

    1. It's not that great so you aren't missing out on much :(
      Thank you! :)


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