Monday, 28 January 2013

Colorbar I-glide Eyepencil in Amethyst Spark Review

Hello all!
I love eyepencils! They enhance your eyes and make them look wonderful if done right. I've heard a great deal about Colorbar's I-glide i i an a r p.pencils and finally bought them :). Today I will be reviewing it in the Amethyst Spark 011 shade.

According to Colorbar: "Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil defines like a pencil and glides like liquid eyeliner, with its smooth formulation, which gives your eyes rich color in a single stroke and blends in easily after application. With its capability to last longer than 8 hours, it does not feather or bleed."

Price: Rs 399

The pencil is of normal length and breadth and has a cap to protect the pencil nib. It is easy to carry in a purse. The colour is an amethyst purple with shine. It is not too bright but needs to be worn with caution during the day time as it shines quite a bit.

I love the fact that they have the colour marked at the end of the pencil so that it makes locating it in a stack of pencils easier.

 As you can see, the pencil is extremely creamy and glides on my eye with ease. Just like an eye liner. I usually don't apply much force while applying an eyepencil and this pencil is so creamy and dark that I did not have to worry about it. But since it is that creamy, it requires frequent sharpening. The picture below shows the pencil after sharpening it and using it just for two swatches.

 There isn't much difference between the two swatches as the  colour is pretty dark by itself. 2-3 swipes more help in building up the pigmentation if you  find one swipe not enough. The colour comes off the eyelids only with a make up remover or heavy duty eye washing.

Left: one swipe, Right: 3 swipes
The pencil lasts on my oily eyelids for about 6 hours easily and touch ups will make this easily last the entire day. The only disadvantage I found with this pencil is that, even though it is water proof, when it is mixed with water the glitter particles spread A LOT. The picture above is after putting water on it. You might just end up looking like you've just come from a party coz it spreads all over your face and it is really hard to get off once it spreads :(

This is how it looks on my eyes :)

- Lovely colour
- Looks great
- Lives up to its claims
- Lost lasting
- Very creamy

- Tends to finish fast since it is very creamy
- Glitter spreads all over the face when in contact with water
- Expensive

Yay or nay to recommend:
I really like this pencil even though it is not going to be useful during the rainy season. It is definitely worth the heavy price tag!

Overall Rating:


  1. i have this too and i loveee it :D it was one of my first coloured pencils :)
    i loved ur eye swatch neha :)

    1. I really like this pencil too! Aww thank you <3

  2. hey Neha.. it looks superb on your eyes. i love it..<3 <3
    What lenses are you using freshlook hazel ??

    1. Thank you so much Niesha! <3
      I'm using Freshlook green :)

    2. I guessed it..wanted to confirm dear..
      I love this color. I have hazel and green from freshlook.:)

    3. Good guess :D
      I've used hazel too but somehow the green one suits me better so stopped using that one :)

  3. wow this is very pretty and gorgeously pigmented. i am gonna pick this one..

  4. ur eyes! luv d lens :D The shade is def quirky! I can never carry such a shade.But luks stunning on ur eyes :)

  5. I <3 the shade....U have pretty eyes Neha :)

    1. Aww thank you Megha <3
      I love this shade too :)

  6. this color looks so awesome on your eyes...i am definitely buying this one

    1. Thank you ^_^
      The colour is beautiful :) and shiny :D

  7. BEAUTIFUL shade, fell in love with it instantly


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