Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sesa Hair Protein Shampoo Review

Hey everyone! :)
I finishes with my Loreal Total Repair shampoo recently and decided to try another brand to see if I could find any better ones. Found this on the supermarket shelf and it looked pretty good so picked it up. Read on to know whether it lived to its claim.
Price: Rs.60 for 90 ml.

The tube packaging isn't particularly attractive but it looks nice. It is pretty small but very travel friendly.
It contains quite a few natural ingredients. The shampoo has a nice scent to it. It is not too strong and the smell does not last for too long. The shampoo has a somewhat thick consistency. I dilute it with water on my palms and then use it as it does not spread across my palms if I don't.

As mentioned earlier, the shampoo is in a tube form so once the shampoo comes out of the tube, it keeps flowing out unless it is tightly shut. Even then, once it is opened again the shampoo automatically flows out so it is advisable to keep the tube in horizontal position when not in use.

The shampoo does not lather much but it definitely cleans my hair well. My hair feels softer (but not as soft as when I use Total Repair 5). Rinsing off the shampoo is pretty easy too. It does not weigh my hair down but I did not see any change in my hair after using the shampoo. So I don't think the hair proteins have done anything to my hair.

- Cleans hair effectively
- Smells good
- Does not weigh down hair

- It is very thick
- Shampoo might overflow out of the tube
- Does not do anything great to my hair
 Yay or nay to recommend?
Well, it does clean hair well.. but then again, all shampoos are supposed to. I think skipping this would be fine as using this might not make much of a difference to your hair.

Overall rating:


  1. Nice review Neha.:)
    it seems like an okay product na.

    1. Thank you Niesha :)
      Yeah, I don't think it's that great a product, at least for me :(

  2. i have used the sesa oil treatment...but i am not sure if it worked for me....i think il skip it too :(

    1. Yeah I don't think you'll miss out on much :(


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