Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mini haul!

Hello all!
This is a very tiny post but I just had to post it because it is my first (though mini) haul of the YEAR! I know, right? My shopping urges can actually be controlled :D. Thank you Boyfriend for making sure I didn't pick up my wallet every time I saw a sale or something I thought I wanted to buy <3 :D
But when I saw these rings in Ayesha, I just had to pick them up! I kept a budget and decided to go out shopping without exceeding the limit (I took just the right amount of cash so I can't buy more even if I wanted to.. Also, it helps rationally choose whether I wanted the product or not since there were other products on my list waiting to be bought :P).
And since I was spending cash, I decided to give Garnier's BB cream a try lol. Also, Landmark is having a sale going on so I bought two CDs.. yay! Didn't buy any books because I tend to finish books within 3 days and it's not worth buying that many books unless I really like it (and that's pretty rare btw). If you are like me and don't prefer buying those expensive books nor do you want to succumb to piracy and buy copies of those books by the road side, do check out Justbooks. It is a library with rental books and they even deliver the books and magazines to your doorstep! No, this is not a PR thing. I'm only promoting this because it might benefit others like me. They have branches all over India.
Ok now to pictures of my haul.

The rings from Ayesha :). The big ones cost Rs.120 each and the stackable one costs Rs.150.

A close up of the ring. They are stackable rings.. I fell in love with it when I saw it! They look much better in reality :)

A mix of dance hits of the year, a Sander Van Doorn CD and Garnier BB cream.

What have you hauled lately? :)
I'm trying really hard not to shop for a month again.. hope it works :D


  1. yayyy :D first haul :D
    loved the rings, esp the stackables :)
    n these boyfriends r very clever huh :P mine explains it to me so lovingly that i shdnt spend much n all, i get so well convinced :P ufff :P

    1. Yay and boo, both :D. I love the stackables too!
      Haha I just brain wash him when he tries explaining it to me so blackmail is the best way to save my money :P

  2. Nice Haul dear :)...Lol we gals are like this and boys are like that... ;)

  3. nice haul...i am loving the stackable rings !! my boyfriend always asks me "are you gonna shop today" whenever we go ...

    1. Thank youuu Prayati :*
      Haha they know us too well I think ;)

  4. Cute rings! The stackable one is the prettiest!


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