Sunday, 3 February 2013

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Totally Turquoise review

Hey peoples :D
I will be reviewing Revlon's Colorstay eyeliner in Totally Turquoise today. I love it!

Price : Rs.560 (I purchased it quite a while back when the prices weren't this steep)

The pencil is a non-retractable one and is travel friendly.

The pencil is very creamy and glides in my eyelids at ease. No tugging or pulling! The colour is a rich turquoise. There is no sparkle or glitter in it but the overall effect does not give a matte finish but a creamy glossy one. It can be worn during the day time as well.

Unlike most other pencils, this one does not have the colour indicated on the bottom. But the rest of the pencil is turquiose in colour so it is still not difficult in locating it. I love the packaging of the pencil, it has a very rich sophisticated look.

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 3 swipes

The colour can be built up with more swipes, as can be seen above. The colour is actually slightly darker than the picture. The company claims this is a waterproof pencil, but I did not find it fully waterproof. Or smudgeproof. The colour does not go easily with water but rubbing it hard in water makes the colour vanish. Make up remover is needed to remove this colour if more than 3 swipes were put. The pencil lasts easily for about 5 hours on my oily eyelids.

- Colour is lovely
- Packaging is good
- Waterproof (to a certain extent)

- Not smugdeproof
- Very expensive

Yay or nay to recommend?
The colour is gorgeous, but price really creates a hole in the pocket. I would recommend it if not for the heavy price tag. I'm sure the same colour could be found in other brands too for cheaper.

Overall rating:


  1. This is the shade which i've been searching for a long time. I'm getting this. Thanx for the review Neha :)

    1. You're welcome :)
      Glad I could be of some help :)

  2. Pretty color though expensive as it reminds me of colorbar jade i think. nice review.:)

  3. i own only one revlon eye pencil, bought it for the colour, it was green spark, a very pretty colour, but somehow never got attracted towards revlon eyeliners much maybe coz at the same or lesser price we get so much better in colorbar i feel! :) great review:)

    1. Yeah I believe the same but at that time I wasn't introduced to Colorbar products so this was a great buy even for the price :)
      Thank you! :)

  4. You have so many eyeliners! :D
    The colour is so pretty!

    1. I'm obsessed with eyeliners right now :P
      I love the colour too!

  5. Its expensive but the shade is totally pretty :)

  6. I have similar shade in colorbar and its very smooth..

    Thanks for visiting my blog Neha. Loved all your comments.

    Am following you back.

    1. I love Colorbar eyeliners! <3
      Thank you! ^_^

  7. Very nice review. I will take this in black color..can we use it as kajal for waterline.
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