Sunday, 3 February 2013

Faces eyepencil in Purple review

Hey everyone <3
Today I am going to review one of my most favorite eye pencils ever! It is actually the first eyepencil I've bought from Faces and I must say I'm a little sad about discovering its awesomeness now. I'm really late! But you know what they say, it's better late than never :D

Price: Rs.349

The pencil is a non-retractable one and has a normal eyepencil packaging. Nothing too great about it. The colour is a lovely purple.. I have never come across a purple pencil with this shade.. I love it!

The pencil has the shade marked on the bottom of the pencil to help locating it. It is veryyyy creamy! Super creamy, even! I've never used a pencil that's this creamy and soft! When I used it first, I applied a little bit of force while putting it on my eyelids and it broke.. That's how creamy it is! So obviously it is needless to say that this will require sharpening pretty often. But it is totally worth it so it's alright. So buttery, it glides on eyelids at ease!

Left: 1 swipe, Right: 3 swipes
 The colour can be built up with more swipes, as can be seen in the picture above. It is not glittery but it does have a bit of shine to it when applied. But this can be worn during the daytime at ease. Coming to the mess-proof part. It is veryy smudgeproof and waterproof. When the SA swiped the pencil on my wrist before I bought it, she forgot to remove it and I forgot it was even there on my hands because of the excitement lol. And I couldn't get it off my wrists till night. Because it wouldn't come off. A make-up remover is definitely necessary to remove this! I ended up scratching it off because it was so stubborn!

 How it looks on my eyes :)

- Amazing colour!
- Veryyyyy creamy
-  Lasts long. Really long :D
- Waterproof and smudgeproof

- Expensive

Yay or nay to recommend?
I definitely recommend this to everyone! Also, do check out their other shades.. They're all amazing! Going to pick up some more soon, it's totally worth the price :D

Overall rating:


  1. These are my fave pencils too and the shade looks gorgeous on you...need to check it out :)

  2. i wish they hadnt increased their prices:( these r the best pencils ever! i have 4 of these incl purple and i love them all :) i now wish i had got all when they were still for 249!
    ur eyes r looking so pretty with this:) u apply liners very nicely:)

    1. I hate it when they hike prices for my favourite products! :(
      Aww thank you! ^_^

  3. I have this and totally dig it :) Ur eyes are beautiful! I actually scrolled dwn first to c ur EOTD ;)

    Btw I have a maybelline contest at my blog do participate :)

    1. Haha thank youuu I'm flattered :D
      Sure :)

  4. Lovely color Neha.:)
    I have this though review pending.. took the pics already.
    Loved your eyes.<3

    1. I love the colour too <3. Thank you! :)
      Can't wait for your review Niesha! :)

  5. Loved the purple colour on your eyes.but as you said it is slightly exp at 349

    1. Thank you :)
      Yeah it is but it's royally worth the price :)


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