Friday, 2 November 2012

Revlon Scented Nail Polish Review

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The cosmetics market is booming these days with such a wide range of products. I'm sure companies are sitting and discussing how else they can grab the attention of customers to buy their products as I type. With such a wide choice, the type of products being made are so different as compared to how it was years ago. Specially the nail polish market. I remember the only colours of nail paints that existed when I was a kid were maroons, fire red and pink. I used to hunt for bright yellow and apple green coloured nail paints everywhere a few years back and all the SAs would look at me like I'm mad and suggest I buy blue coloured nail paints. And now the nail paint variety is HUGE! But I dont seem to find neon coloured paints anywhere and SAs are looking at me like I'm crazy for that now :(. Anyone know where I can find them?
Anyway I went shopping  for cosmetics recently and came across this range of Revlon scented nail paints. I had heard of them launching recently but decided to let it slip since it sounded like a sales gimmick. But the way the nail polishes were arranged on that rack looked so appealing that I decided to try one out (yes I know I get carried away way too easily). I picked up Revlon's scented nail polish in Raspberry Rapture (ooh fancy name!).


The bottle is in the classic Revlon nail paint bottle so nothing different or eye catchy in it. It is 8ml and I payed Rs.150 for it. The colour is dark pink.. sorry the picture isnt showing the right colour as it is much darker than that.

The brush is moderate in length.. just enough to paint with ease. The brush is not very thick but again enough to coat the nail well. I have had to troubles with it as it is just like the regular Revlon nail paint bottle and brush. Now coming to the scent. It is noticable only when it dries. I was excited to smell it immediately and took a big whiff of my nails as soon as I applied it and was overwhelmed by the terrible usual nailpolish smell. I need to start following instructions. Do not imitate though it was not done by an expert :D. It smells like raspberries and slightly of the chemicals in nail paints. But it smells good. I keep touching my face and was initially surprised by the nice berry smell by hands had and then realized it was my nailpolish :D
The smell lasts for an entire day but went as soon as I washed my hair. It has a very slight synthetic smell thanks to the chemicals. It might affect sensitive noses at first as the smell is very strong but it later becomes nice smelling. The colour is very light in the first coat so two coats are absolutely essential. Two coats strengthen the scent so it lasts even longer.

This is with one coat of the nail paint.

This is with two coats. Looks better doesnt it?

*Colour is pretty
*Smell is nice
*Easy application
*Smell does not last long
*Not worth the price as the staying capacity is not good
Yay or Nay to recommend?
Yay for those interested in trying out new stuff and smelling nice on your hands as well :D. But I dont think I will be buying it again.
Overall rating:

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