Friday, 2 November 2012

Orris Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Hello hotties!
Have you ever been out for an important event and your nailpolish cracked or got messed up in some way and you felt the need to remove it asap? Have you ever run out of cotton but had nailpolish remover or vice versa? Well if you said yes to the above both questions the perfect solution for you is the Orris Nailpolish Remover Pads (sounds like an ad doesnt it? :D)
I went to Health and Glow to pick up a lipbalm (ok I ended up buying 3 and some more stuff) and found this cute purple little round box that said nail polish remover pads at the billing counter. I love the colour purple and this packaging looked so cute I just had to buy it! Yes, the first thing I see in products is the packaging. Plus, the scent was Lavender.. now who doesnt like lavender?? And I'd been looking for the Hip-Hop nail polish remover pads for quite a while and since I hadnt found it yet I decided to give this a try. So here is a review on it! :)

Orris Nail Polish Remover has 30 remover pads in it and is priced at Rs.60

Packaging is cute isnt it? :). The box is the size of a palm so I assumed it was travel friendly but as you can see I've left the tape on the side of the box because it opens easily. So it is not at all travel friendly :(. Unless you are ready to put sufficient tape on it to seal it.

The pads are very thin and they look like they are stuck to each other so you might end up taking out several together thinking it is just one. The smell is just like lavender! :). It has a verrrrrry slight minty lavender smell I think but it smells really nice and floral.
This is how it looks when I open the box.
The biggest advantage of these pre-soaked pads are you do not have to keep adding nailpolish remover and they can be used longer than regular cotton ones. I managed to use just one pad for one entire hand and half of the second one too. It takes about 3 swipes to remove a nail paint completly but then again that depends on the number of coats you've put on your nails. The pads remove off the nail paints with ease and I have not had any problems with them as of now.
This is how my nails looked after removing the nail polish (close up of a nail shown on right)

I did not have any problems with this product and my nails did not feel rough after using it. The only negative thing about it is that since it is soaked in oil/remover my nails get veryyyy oily when I use this and need to wash my hands with soap twice after usage. This is my first remover pad so I do not have experience with other brands so I do not know if it is supposed to happen or not.

*Makes removing nail paint so much easier!
*Less hassle
*Comes in a small tub so can be carried in handbags easily
*Does its job properly
*Does not cause any side effects to my nails
*Smells nice
*Will last long as 1 pad could be used for both hands

*Leaves behind a very oily residue
*Not travel friendly

Yay or Nay to recommend?
Yay for sure! Goodbye nail polish remover and stack of cotton!

Overall rating:

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