Sunday, 25 November 2012

Faces Nail Enamel Get Mauve-ing Review

I love nail paints! Who doesn't right? I have a huge collection of them and just keep adding to them Everytime I see something that catches my eye. Still on the lookout for holographic glitter nail paints though :(
I got Faces nail enamel in Get Mauve-ing shade (7ml) as a gift from by loving brother who knows me too well and got me the perfect gift ;). The name of the colour is so funny :D. I love nail paints with fun names (read:OPI nail paints)
The shade is mauve with a tinge of gold. It is like a dual colour and looks cute. The brush is thick enough for an easy use. It requires two coats and has the lasting power of around 4 days. The second picture is with just one coat so you know how thin the colour turns out with just one covering.
I love purple and any colour near it is equally nice so naturally, I love this colour.

-Beautiful colour
-Easy to use

I can't think of any.

Yay or nay to recommend:
Yay all the way! :D
If you like such shades, pick this up asap. If you don't, give this a try and you might just like it. Mauve is a pretty colour!

Overall rating:


  1. Nice review Neha.. :)
    I have never tried any nail paint from this range...
    but yeah i do have a similar shade from EN-VY :)

    1. Thank you Rajani:)
      You should give it a try once its good :)
      I haven't tried EN-VY before though I've seen it many times.. Will buy it next time for sure :)


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