Saturday, 24 November 2012

Avon Foot Works Moisturizing Cream Review

Hi all! :)
The weather in Bangalore is very unpredictable these days but out has definitely gotten colder over the past few days. And that means winter is fast approaching. Which means its extra care for my body time! :). Specially my feet. They can get really ugly and cracked during this season. So when I saw Avon's foot moisturizer in berry vanilla, I just had to pick it up. I luuuurrvvvvee berries AND vanilla so what better than having them together? :)
I paid Rs.149 for 100ml of the product as it was on discount. I think the actual price is about 250(I'm not too sure about the exact price but it is close)
The cream comes in a long thin tube which is travel friendly. The packaging is alright. I expected more but its the product that matters more, right? The cap of the tube its quite firm and is easy to open as well so no difficulties there. Now coming to the product itself. It is a pretty thick cream but easily glides across your skin and does not feel thick at all. I do not feel greasy after applying it either. It dries within a minute and is not sticky. The quantity in the tube looks like it would last a while and I do not have to use to much of the cream and a little goes a long way. It smells like strawberry ice cream to me. Yum! But it is not a strong scent at all luckily (or I would have felt like eating it up :D).
I have been using this cream for almost a week and though there are no visible results as yet I can feel my feet getting softer and more moisturised. But I would sill recommend you use a separate cream if you have cracked feet as it does not specialize in healing skin. Also, it contains parabens :(. Why do all products that work well for me end up having harmful chemicals? :(

-Smells yum
-Works pretty well
-Travel friendly
-Worth the price

-Contains Parabens (whyyyy!)
-Availability is limited as it can be bought only via Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend:
Yay if you like strawberry ice cream :D. It is a good product and I would not mind buying it again except for the fact that it contains parabens.

Overall rating:


  1. Nice review, i have used this, it is a decent product.

  2. yeah bangalore weather is getting cold day by day :P
    nice review Neha :)
    seems like a good product.. :)


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