Sunday, 25 November 2012

Avon Cherry Lip Balm Review

Ok i confess. I am a lip balm addict. I apply lip balm like its the only thing keeping me alive. I have a bunch of lip balms stashed in my drawer but that doesn't stop me from buying more.
This is my second lip balm from Avon. I previously purchased the milk and honey one and I absolutely love it! And the brochure from this month said it was the last time they were in brochure so I didn't want to let this one go since I have heard such great reviews about it. Read on for my take on it.

The lip balm is of 4gms and I paid Rs.119 for it. The lip balm is in a tube form which makes it hygienic. The cap opens easily and is travel friendly. The colour is a reddish dark pinkish tinge and is pretty evident on the lips. But it is not as dark as the Nivea fruity shine range. The balm when applied does not feel heavy or greasy on the lips, instead makes it moisturised. The staying power is for an average of 45min to an hour but I have the tendency of applying lip balm pretty often as I eat messily and also have cracked lips. The smell is fruity and somewhat like a cherry but to me it smells like cough syrup I used to have when I was a kid. I find it very repelling. Prefer the milk and honey lip balm to this any day.

-Moisturises lips
-Gives a pretty tint
-Travel friendly

-I am not fond of the smell at all
-Available only through Avon reps

Yay or nay to recommend:
Yay because it is a good buy and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who is troubled by its fragrance :D

Overall rating:


  1. Nice review, its a nice lip balm, i loved it!!

    1. Thank you Niesha :)
      Yes, it is a pretty good one, but I like their other flavours more :(

  2. nice review... :)
    i had the strawberry one from this range... :) and i used to love it a lot... but now it has been replaced by maybelline lip smoothie :P
    btw Neha ur pictures are so clear... :) :D
    what kind of camera do you use??? and yeah any particular tips while clicking??? ;)

    1. Haha even my Maybelline baby lips has replaced this for now :D
      Thank you! :). I'm flattered :D
      I use canon 500D and when I'm too bored to take the cam out, I use my phone cam(Samsung galaxy S2). Clicked this post's pics with my phone :). I just like experimenting with angles while trying to get the pic's features highlighted so others can view it better and decide:)


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