Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jovees strawberry face wash review

Hello! :)
Today I will review Jovees' strawberry face wash that I got a while back. I was on the look out for a nice face wash and came across this in a supermarket. I love strawberry (and any fruity scents actually) so I decided to pick this one up. Plus it was a buy one get one free so took up the offer ;)

The face wash is of a thick pink consistency with dark pink globules. Looks pretty cute to me! :). The scent is not at all strong, one might not even recognize its strawberry scent as it is that mild. It lathers very well and very little quantity of this goes a long way.

It takes a while to wash off the product but then again, that's how most face washes are. I don't know of its just me but it strips my face off moisture and makes it really dry after using the product. I have to run and put loads of cream after washing my face to get my skin back to normal.

-Looks cute
-Does what it claims
-Worth the price offer (2 for Rs.115)

-Makes my skin very dry
-The product lasts for months for me. I know that isn't a con but I like trying new stuff so I have to wait longer to try new ones.

Yay or Nay to recommend:
Nay. I will not repurchase it for sure. Specially because I don't think I still finish this anytime in the near future.

Overall rating:

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