Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sephora+other stuff Haul!

Hey everyone!
As promised earlier, my Sephora haul :). I really like the Select Citywalk Mall in Delhi, it's huge and there are so many amazing brands under one roof! Yes, I know that's how all malls are but this one has brands that aren't located everywhere. I've taken just one picture as I expect to review them all for you soon. Also, I'm too lazy to charge my camera, walk till my shelf, find all of them and take pictures :D

I mainly went to purchase Soap and Glory products (the Soaper Heroes Kit) but it was out of stock. But they had the travel sizes of most of them so I just picked them up. Burt's Bees lip balm was in just one shade but it was a pretty one so I didn't mind :)
Pink Umbrella- Okay this one was from Bangalore but it matched the pinkness and I bought it the day before I left so I included it :P
Reusable foldable bag - This is my second bag and I love the prints on this one! Got it from Gifts of Love.
Birdie pouch - I absolutely love the design on this one so I had to buy it! It shall now be my college pencil pouch. Carrying around 2 stationary items. Damn, I hadn't thought this through. Okay, it shall now be my design pouch to carry when I feel like showing off in front of others :P
Sephora Nano Eye pencil - I've been waiting to buy a good brown eye pencil and I love how this looks on my eyes!
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia - Such a beautiful shade this is+it really moisturizes!
Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower gel - I love S&G scents, they're amazing!
Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream - THE. BEST. EVER.
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter - So soft and buttery this one is!
Soap and Glory Flake Away - Still not sure about how much I like this.
Soap and Glory Scrub- A nice scrub with a nicer scent :D
Soulflower soap in Mud A Lot and Jasmine - Haven't gotten around to using it yet but it smells heavenly :)

So what have you hauled recently? Do you love Sephora too? I can't wait for them to open in Bangalore!


  1. oh my God... all the pink stuff u'hv got is so cute... loved ur haul and m j too!! ;p

  2. Cute Haul I loved the umbrella :)

    1. I love the colour of the umbrella.. It was love at first sight :P

  3. I envy Delhi for having Sephora :P Lovely haul, drool-worthy!


    1. Ikr? I've had Delhi on my list for months just to visit Sephora! :D

  4. So much Soap and Glory! I'm jealous!


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