Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My May Wishlist ♥

Hello everyone!
Sorry for vanishing into thin air AGAIN! My holidays just begun a week back and me and my family went to visit temples and I just got home a couple of days back. Then came birthday shopping time eeeee! :D
My birthday was on 28th April and I reaallyy wanted to start my year by blogging but I was out from the time I got up catching up with friends and stuff and got back home post midnight.. I hope that doesn't mean I wont blog frequently now :P. I will be away on holiday for a week in a few days so apologizing in advance this time lol. *forgivers will get a free imaginary choco chip cookie along with an entire bottle of whipped cream* :D
Anyway without further ado, presenting my May wishlist!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. I love the scent and want to try out the much loved Chanel No.5 and Chance as well.

A MAC lipstick. Any MAC lipstick. No, I do not own a single one. Do not look at me like I'm an alien. I actually did visit one of their outlets last week with the hope of buying something from the Viva Glam collection but the SA was kind of mean and disinterested so I decided to go another time :(

Marks & Spencer hand and body lotion. I've heard a lot about their lotions and can't wait to visit their store and buy some of them!

Rimmel Stay Matte loose powder. My skin has started to become incredibly oily these few weeks. I can see the oil on my fingers when I touch my face!! Eww I know! I've heard how loose powder helps reduce the visible oiliness and this one looks like a must try product!

Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Gift Set. S&G why you no come to Bangalore?! :(. Desperately waiting to get  my hands on these! :(

Floral Pants. Summer/Spring and plain coloured pants are out. Floral pants are so trendy and really bring in the Spring-y feel. Chic and casual at the same time.. love it!

Attars. Yes, I think I do have a slight perfume obsession. For those who don't know what attars are : They are a  natural highly concentrated perfume oil derived from botanical sources. Very popular in the Middle East, Bangladesh, Pakistan and even a few parts of India by (usually) Muslim men and women alike and for the right reasons-they smell amazziinnggg! One sniff and you'll be sold! They aren't that easy to find in Bangalore but I know a few places where they are available. Let the attar hunt begin!

Nude pink nails. SO perfect for the summery weather and makes hands look cute and girly. Need I say more?

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain. I'm probably the last blogger to own one of these babies. I got Smitten for my birthday and want Honey Deuce now!

Last but not the least, Kryolan's gel eye pencil. I own a similar one from Avon, but it was gifted to me by an aunt who lives abroad (Canada's Avon if I'm not mistaken) and I've been looking for such an eyeliner for almost a year since then! Too bad there isn't a Kryolan here, I really want one of those :(

Minimelts Ice cream. Ok so what if it isn't a cosmetic? It's something I reaaaallllyyyy want to have soon. Minimelts just launched 4 kiosks in Brigade road/M.G road last week and I'm super excited to try them out! For those who do not know about it: MiniMelts is a pure, premium ice cream made in a truly unique way. The cryogenic freezing process that creates MiniMelts, involves running the Ice Cream mix through a bath of Liquid Nitrogen at -190 degrees which literally “locks in” the flavour. Through the use of the finest quality ingredients and pure milk fat, it is one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world. It is also the coldest ice cream in the world and one of the most innovative ice creams (it comes in about 9 flavours like Cotton Candy, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana Split etc). Way to go Bangalore! At least we have something before other cities :P

So that's my list for this month! I hope I manage to get atleast one of these soon :D
What's on your list? :)


  1. happy belated birthday Neha :)
    n great list, the rimmel powder is really nice, do try it :) n soooo budget-friendly :)

    1. Thank you Poorva! :*
      Yeah, I've heard a lot about it and can't wait to get my hands on it soon!

  2. Loved all great post...I have Rimmel london Stay matte Pressed powder and loving it a lot :)

    1. I really want to try it asap now :D

  3. I've tried Chanel no 5 but its really strong! i feel Chance is the best perfume from Chanel


    1. Chance seems to be everyone's preference.. Will test them both out soon and decide :)

  4. Nice post Neha!
    i love floral pants too .:)

    1. Thank you Niesha :)
      They're so trendy and cute na :)


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