Friday, 12 April 2013

Figs and Rouge Balm Review

Hello all!
Today I will be reviewing my favorite balm - Figs and Rouge. I got it in my Vellvette box and I've been using it every single day ever since! I have the Aloe and Mint variation of the balm. I mainly use it as a lip balm though it is a great multi-tasking balm.

About the product (taken from the Vellvette website) Perfect for those lips that chap and peel, cuticles that go haywire, skin that itches and burns, feet that embarrass and eyebrows that just can't stay in shape! And best of all, it's 100% natural, organic and petroleum free. Apply on lips to hydrate them and also use as base to make your lipstick last longer – your cuticles to keep them looking tip top. Use it to hydrate dry skin on face, hands, arms or legs - will not leave your skin sticky at all. Use it at night to treat cracked or dry feet. It’s also a great eyebrow shaper - apply a tiny bit to keep the brows in shape all day long.
Price: Rs.549 for 17 ml

The balm comes in a very attractive pot.. very vintage pretty kinds. Would love to be seen carrying this around and using it :D. The product is nice and small to carry but a word of caution - THIS MELTS VERY EASILY! I carried it out with me for about 5 hours in an air conditioned car and mall and it still melted a lot (body temperature must've melted it, I know). It turned into a lip gloss consistency and took 2 weeks to regain the original texture!

Yes, I like to use up my balms in an organized manner (slight OCD issue? Probably :P)
At first sight, the texture of this balm looks coarse and hard, but once you dip your finger in it, you realize how soft it is. The texture is very similar to slightly hardened ghee. The grains melt when in contact with skin. The minute it is applied on my lips, it melts and gives a nice tingly sensation (a nice one). Makes sense why its in a tub, it would completely melt in a tube! It is not at all sticky by nature, it also forms a nice base for lipsticks! Very little is required, I've been using the balm every single day for almost 2 months and I still have a lottt left (as can be seen from the picture)

The scent of this balm is very similar to Polo, a very sweet minty one. But another word of caution, do not try and taste this balm! I never eat/lick balms but I accidentally tasted it and felt like puking. It has a very very bad taste! But the smell helps a lot when I have a cold :P  

The balm is organic and contains no petroleum. I sometimes tend to have very chapped lips. When I apply this one, it really does soften my lips! But this effect lasts for about 3-4 hours max. It is very glossy and gives a good shine on the lips for a long time. I can feel it doing its job. I've used it on the top of my nose and my elbows (dry areas) and it does relieve and reduce dryness to a great extent.

I had never used an organic or natural lip balm before, but thanks to Vellvette I'm hooked on to it! On the lookout for other non-petroleum natural lip balms now.. any recommendations? :)

- Organic and petroleum free
- Helps really well in moisturizing
- Great multi-tasker
- Nice tingly sensation
- Adorable packaging
- Big quantity

- Tastes really bad!
- Effect of this balm isn't too much

Yay or nay to recommend?
Yay! It's my HG balm! I really want to try their other variations too though!

Overall rating:


  1. even im in lovewith this :)nice review:)

  2. It seems a great product. Hope I could have got it too.:)
    Very nice review Neha.

    1. It works really well Niesha :). Thank you :)

  3. Sounds so good! I love a good lip balm.

    1. I love lip balms! This one's like a saviour in a tin :P

  4. Sounds nice but i dont like lip balms with weird taste!

  5. its expensive but i want to try it

    1. It's worth it Prayati..atleast for me it is :)

  6. Nice Review seems worth for trying :)

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