Sunday, 2 June 2013

May Vellvette Box

Hey everyone!
I've been really really busy off late and college reopens tomorrow so I'm going to be even more caught up so I think I'll be taking a break from the blogosphere for a while. Anyway this is my Vellvette box for May. I received it on 23rd May which is super quick! I'm really glad Vellvette has taken our criticism positively and improved!

 The theme this month is Organic and since I've been trying to use natural and organic stuff as much as possible, I was delighted to see this.

 Brocato Curlinterrupted Shampoo and Conditioner. I have never heard of this brand before so I am excited to try them out.

Flormar Lipstick - I got a really bright red and was initially taken aback coz it's way too bright for me but it really suits me in a toned down version. Very creamy and glossy, this one!

Tvam Apricot and Walnut scrub - I love love love the scent!! Smells nothing like apricots or walnuts though. More like a man's deodrant. Axe-types. Yes, I find those scents attractive. Don't judge me!

Over all I'm really pleased with this month's box and look forward to resubscribing to them this month!
What did you get in your box? Did you love it too?

Friday, 17 May 2013

My first MAC! <3

Hello everyone!
I had gone to Garuda Mall yesterday to look for Rimmel (which I couldn't find.. I also checked in Bannerghatta's SS! Can someone please tell me where it's available in Bangalore? Pleeeeaassseeee! :(). On my way out I saw the MAC store that I've been eyeing for years and thought of visiting it despite my last visit to another MAC store with a mean SA. And guess what? The lady here was sooooo sweet and helpful!! I really wanted to pick up a matte lipstick but I ended up really liking See Sheer so I picked it up *screams like a little girl and dances*. Boy just doesn't understand my happiness and doesn't see what the fuss is all about -_-. The next time I make him pay for the products from there he'll know xD
Anyway, I've taken only one picture coz I will review it soon.. Promise! Also, i just realized I have a LOT of reviews pending! Sorry peoples I shall review soon okay? :(. I also picked up a Chambor lipstick for myself and an eyebrow pencil for Mom. Thank you Aarti for motivating me to go back there, you're the best! ^_^
I was sooo excited to own a MAC that I was smiling the entire day and dancing around! No, I'm not crazy. You are. Mean madames :( *realizes she's talking too much and gets embarrassed*
Ok bye :D

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sephora+other stuff Haul!

Hey everyone!
As promised earlier, my Sephora haul :). I really like the Select Citywalk Mall in Delhi, it's huge and there are so many amazing brands under one roof! Yes, I know that's how all malls are but this one has brands that aren't located everywhere. I've taken just one picture as I expect to review them all for you soon. Also, I'm too lazy to charge my camera, walk till my shelf, find all of them and take pictures :D

I mainly went to purchase Soap and Glory products (the Soaper Heroes Kit) but it was out of stock. But they had the travel sizes of most of them so I just picked them up. Burt's Bees lip balm was in just one shade but it was a pretty one so I didn't mind :)
Pink Umbrella- Okay this one was from Bangalore but it matched the pinkness and I bought it the day before I left so I included it :P
Reusable foldable bag - This is my second bag and I love the prints on this one! Got it from Gifts of Love.
Birdie pouch - I absolutely love the design on this one so I had to buy it! It shall now be my college pencil pouch. Carrying around 2 stationary items. Damn, I hadn't thought this through. Okay, it shall now be my design pouch to carry when I feel like showing off in front of others :P
Sephora Nano Eye pencil - I've been waiting to buy a good brown eye pencil and I love how this looks on my eyes!
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia - Such a beautiful shade this is+it really moisturizes!
Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower gel - I love S&G scents, they're amazing!
Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream - THE. BEST. EVER.
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter - So soft and buttery this one is!
Soap and Glory Flake Away - Still not sure about how much I like this.
Soap and Glory Scrub- A nice scrub with a nicer scent :D
Soulflower soap in Mud A Lot and Jasmine - Haven't gotten around to using it yet but it smells heavenly :)

So what have you hauled recently? Do you love Sephora too? I can't wait for them to open in Bangalore!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ladakh Trip Pictures (Picture Heavy) :)

Ello fraandz :P
I'm back from my vacation to Ladakh *sigh*. Why must holidays end so soon but exams and studies go on forever? :(
Leh is a veryyyy  beautiful place.. For those who enjoy nature, it is a must visit place! We talk about travelling the world to see wonders, but Ladakh is one gem of a place wihthin India which has so much hidden beauty! Love it! Also, this was my first time in a snowy place.. Yes, I played with snow like a little girl coz I'd waited for that moment for years. Don't judge me. Ok here are pictures.. enjoy :)

Stupas and prayer flags

Cute lil ducks and ducklings ♥

Shanti Stupa

View from the top of a mountain

Snowwww! :)

Another monastry where this Buddha statue was surrounded by hills on all sides :)

Pangong Lake.. A scene from 3 Idiots was shot around here :)

Zanskaar Sangam

I didn't shop for much there as my bag was really full already, so picked up a few accessories. Also, we had a connecting flight so we were in Delhi for a couple of hours and I FINALLY went to Sephora!! *does a weird happy dance and runs away in happiness*. Again, didn't pick up too much but I will post the pictures in another post coz I'm really tired now :D

Have you visited Ladakh before?
What have you done this summer? :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Haul Time!

Hello everyone! :). This is a quick and short post  as I still have a lot of packing to do.. will be on holiday from tomorrow till next Monday so won't be posting till then. So I decided to quickly show you things I've purchased recently (reviews coming once I'm back). I even got a lot of stuff as gifts for my birthday but I haven't included them in pictures. Will review them all soon.. Till then, enjoy!

Things in picture (in no particular order):
A pink striped travel pouch
Brihans Aloe Vera Gel (I love it!)
Avon Tea Tree face mask
4 Elle 18 lipsticks
Attar (Yes, I managed to get something from my May List already! :D)
Lakme Sun Protector (Completely disliked this one on my oily skin)
Oriflame Dream Cream Hand Cream
4 Essential Oils from Nandita
Forest Essentials Body Lotion in Bitter Orange and Cinnamon (Can't express how much I love it!)
A wollen key chain (He's cute okay :P)
Forest Essentials Lip Balm in Kokum Butter and Honey
A sling from Fiorelli
An Aztec print bag from People
A cute umbrella :D
Bindis (Yes, I'm obsessed with them now)
2 Earrings from Max and one from Fab India
Fab India Neem Tulsi Toner
Lotus sunscreen Matte Gel (I love this one!)
An elephant chain

Ok so that's it for now.. Will see you next week!
Have a great weekend guys!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My April Vellvette Box ♥

Hello everyone! :)
I got my Vellvette box well on time this month and I'm really impressed with their delivery speed this time around. Got it almost a week before my birthday (3 more birthday gifts yay). After last month's disappointment I wasn't expecting much but I'm quite impressed!

 The April theme is Spring, hence the flowery ribbon. Cute!

Max Factor Face Finity foundation. So so disappointed with this! Firstly, sachets. Gahhh damn you sachets! :x. Second, this isn't my shade at all.. not even close! Extremely light for me! I don't want to throw it out just like that though.. any ideas how to bring it to my skin tone?

Motives Mardi Gras Palette. Everyone got this product in their boxes. I was a bit taken aback by the brights in this palette but after using it, I must say I love them!

Nature's Co Spearmint Body Wash. I've always wanted to buy their products but was in two minds so I'm glad I got this one in my box. It's a strong spearmint scent which is VERY refeshing for the summer! Plus, it's super lathery.. I love it!

Except for the foundation, I love the other two products! I guess that's the thing with surprises- you could love it, hate it or have an in between stance. What did you get in your box? Did you love it?